Mayever/LET Bottle - Water Bottles for Displaced Children in Israel

Mayever/LET Bottle - Water Bottles for Displaced Children in Israel

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Join Our Mission: Provide Reusable Water Bottles to Displaced Children in Israel

Why Reusable Water Bottles?
Most of the displaced families rely on single-use plastic bottles which are wasteful and ineffective in maintaining the temperature of their contents. Our bottles will be useful to these children for a long time ahead.

How Can You Help?
By purchasing a water bottle for $36, you will be giving an important item to a child and contributing to their well-being. Our mission is to ensure that every displaced child receives one of these bottles. Furthermore, this initiative will help support the LET Travel and Mayever teams. Your involvement and contribution can really make a difference.

How did we start?
A few days after October 7th, we at LET Travel and Mayever, like many across the globe, jumped to support Israel and the people from Kibbutzim around Gaza. Specifically, our focus turned to the children and their families who had been evacuated to hotels at the Dead Sea. In an effort to assist in any way possible, we donated two boxes of reusable water bottles. A small gesture from us, but
one that was deeply moving and immeasurably appreciated by the children.

This experience highlighted our need to do more and to support the other children throughout Israel who also have been displaced from their homes; now staying in temporary accommodations, mostly without many of their personal belongings or without their families. 

As a result, we have embarked on a new mission – to provide these children with high-quality reusable water bottles, suitable for hot or cold drinks.