Virtual Experiences
We Bring Israel To You

Develop an ongoing relationship with Israel through our virtual offerings! We have reinvented how you can interact with Israel - now a trip there is one part of your ongoing relationship with the land, its people and the culture. You can be connected to Israel and your heritage even when you can’t visit in person.

Each virtual visit is customized for your group
and geared toward fully engaging your participants

A graffiti tour of Tel Aviv
A tour of the animals of Israel
The wines of Israel
History of Israel

Whether it’s a graffiti tour of Tel Aviv with the opportunity to ask questions and create your own art, a tour of the animals of Israel in their different habitats where young children discover new facts, a chance to explore and taste the wines of Israel or anything else that piques your curiosity, our experience-makers can make it happen.

Add-on a virtual experience to your upcoming in-person visit

When included as part of your group’s preparation for an in-person visit, virtual opportunities offer an added layer of education and connection that leads to a stronger bond among trip participants and between them and Israel.

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