Fund-a-Farmer with Mayever/LET
Fund-a-Farmer with Mayever/LET

Fund-a-Farmer with Mayever/LET

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The Situation:

The recent conflict in Israel has taken a heavy toll on the agricultural heartlands in the region and the tourist industry. Farmers near the Gaza Strip and those in the north, close to the Lebanese and Syrian borders, are struggling to continue their operations. The need for constant vigilance against security threats has left them with limited time to tend to their crops. The consequences are significant, not just for these farmers but for the entire country.
At the same time, many in the tourism industry are out of work and unsure where their next paycheck will come from. 

The "Fund-a-Farmer" Initiative:

Our program seeks to bridge the gap between those who can't work due to security concerns and the shortage of workers. We are rallying our Mayever/LET team and our 400 vendors, suppliers, drivers, and guides who are currently not working to support Israeli farmers. By funding a farmer, you will be directly contributing to securing both the agricultural and tourist industries in Israel.

The Impact:

  • Help farmers today for tomorrow by ensuring they can meet the demands of today while rebuilding for tomorrow. This includes clearing destroyed fields and crops, picking produce for today, and replanting fields for tomorrow.

  • Create job opportunities for those out of work to give stability now for when tourism is fully open in the future. 

How You Can Contribute:

Donate. Your support can make a meaningful impact on the lives of Israeli farmers and vendors. A worker costs $120/day giving a human workforce to the farms and a livelihood to the vendors. Any questions, reach out to